After the rainy summer in Finland we had the possibility to spend a 10 day sun vacation in the autumn 2008 in Zalahalap at the Villa of our daughter’s school friend, Seppo.

While the grape harvesters were sweating under the 30 degrees heat, we enjoyed the sunny weather on the magnificent terrace of Villa Tuuli Maria. While we had the chance to swim sometimes many times a day in the refreshing pool at the Villa. The dark autumn evenings on the terrace with a glass of wine were an everyday celebration for us, while following how the bright starry sky competed with the sparkling lights of the local villages.

The Villa with the beautiful garden is completely equipped, surroundings are silent and peaceful and the slipping tracks on the volcano slopes are fantastic for walking before going to sauna.

In Tapolca there are many shops for buying delicious foodstuff for cooking at home and from the butcher’s shop you can buy famous Hungarian sausages. In the restaurants of Tapolca and Balaton’s lakeside we enjoyed the cuisine as well. Especially the Hungarian-Austrian kitchen was popular.

Cuisine writers Ritva & Risto Lehmusoksa

Thanks for the holiday in Zalahalap. First we flew to Vienna and after a few night stay in Villa we continued to Budapest. Zalahalap and Villa Tuuli Maria are just fantastic places. Although Lake Balaton in itself is an excellent sight to see, our children preferred to stay and spend their time at the pool here in Villa Tuuli Maria.

For everybody who plans to run a marathon we recommend the rocky jogging tracks around the Villa.

Unfortunately our daughter Petra couldn’t join us this time, but that’s not a problem, because we will for sure come back here some other time. And then we will test the legendary “bogracs gulyas” pot on a fireplace corner.

Our best wishes: Sami, Päivi, Julia and Kasper Garam

Sami Garam: show chef, speaker, slang translator, etc.

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